Need and Importance of Nutrition Informatics in India: A Perspective

/Need and Importance of Nutrition Informatics in India: A Perspective

Need and Importance of Nutrition Informatics in India: A Perspective

2022-05-01T15:02:52-04:00December 27th, 2021|
Journal Name Nutrients
Publication Year 2021
Volume 13(6) 1836
Authors Ashish Joshi, Ann Gaba, Shyamli Thakur, Ashoo Grover


Nutrition informatics (NI) is the effective retrieval, organization, storage, and optimum use of information, data and knowledge for food-and-nutrition-related problem-solving and decision-making. There is a growing opportunity to facilitate technology-enabled behavioral change interventions to support NI research and practice. This paper highlights the changing landscape of food and nutrition practices in India to prepare a NI workforce that could provide some valuable tools to address the double burden of nutrition. Management and interpretation of data could help clarify the relationships and interrelationships of diet and disease in India on both national and regional levels. Individuals with expertise in food and nutrition may receive training in informatics to develop national informatics systems. NI professionals develop tools and techniques, manage various projects and conduct informatics research. These professionals should be well prepared to work in technological settings and communicate data and information effectively. Opportunities for training in NI are very limited in developing countries. Given the current progress in developing platforms and informatics infrastructure, India could serve as an example to other countries to promote NI to support achieving SDGs and other public health initiatives.


nutrition informatics, digital health, workforce, food and nutrition


Digital health technologies can be key to improving health outcomes, provided healthcare workers are adequately trained to use them. Future training programs need to consider the evolving nature of digital health and incorporate upcoming digital trends. Continued efforts to increase the awareness of nutrition informatics and HIT benefits among dietitians are crucial.

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