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Overview of Public Health Programs in India

  • 85 unique universities in 20 states and 3 UTs are providing 116 Public health programs.
  • Majority of universities provided Master of Public Health (n=73, 63%) programs followed by Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) and Diploma (n=17, 15%), BPHSc (n=14, 12%), and Ph.D. (n=12, 10%).
  • Fifty percent of the doctoral programs are offered each by both the public and private Universities.
  • Seventy four percent of the MPH programs are offered by the private institutes compared to 26% that are offered by the public institutes.
  • In the case of bachelor’s programs in public health, 78% were offered by the private universities compared to 22% that were offered by public institutes.
  • States like Karnataka, Rajasthan, and Tamil Nadu offered most of the public health programs.

India with a 1.3 billion population, is second-largest in the world and is spread over 3,287,259 km2 making it the seventh-largest country in the world. The population is approximately one-sixth of the world’s population (1) (2). Adequate public health workforce training with the required skills to address complex public health challenges is the need of the hour in India.

The High-Level Expert Group, (HLEG) emphasized the need for the establishment of public health institutes across India (3). The National Health Policy 2017 envisages the creation of a Public Health management cadre in all states. The learning from the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need for a robust Public Health cadre. The availability of multidisciplinary public health professionals would enhance the equity and efficiency of healthcare delivery and would also relieve the burden on clinical professionals to cope with managerial functions.

There has been a rapid increase in the number of public health programs offered in India given the increased demand for the public health workforce. Several institutes offer public health programs but due to a lack of council for regulating the programs, there is limited information available about these programs. Analysis of the various public health programs in India will help understand the public health education landscape in India.

The “V-INSPIRE Public Health” dashboard shows Public Health Programs in India is an effort to describe spatiotemporal distribution of the institutes offering certificate, diploma, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs across various states of India.

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Public Health Programs in India

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