1 Million Close Contacts Through Trace Program

/1 Million Close Contacts Through Trace Program

1 Million Close Contacts Through Trace Program

2021-09-30T03:21:55-04:00September 30th, 2021|

It is absolutely a delight to lead CUNY SPH team along with 70 resource navigators and supervisors, to help contribute towards reaching over 1 million-close-contacts-through-trace-program.

Many CUNY SPH students and alumni also engaged as resource navigators and supervisors in this important project.

Successfully connected those impacted with Covid-19 with a range of critical resources including physical and mental health resources, services to combat financial and housing difficulties and food insecurity. These resources have significantly helped reduce the negative impacts of Covid-19 on New Yorkers and their families, particularly among marginalized and minority communities. 

Committed to work in partnership with New York City on such a critical project supporting the health and future of New Yorkers.

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