I employ principles of participative and transformational leadership approach to engage multiple stakeholders, in combination with data driven evidence based, technology enabled interventions and innovations to formulate policies, programs and initiatives that enhance Accountability, Transparency, Quality, Efficiency and Equity across the system.

To accomplish this vision, I have utilized SMAART (Sustainable, Multisector, Accessible, Affordable, Reimbursable and Tailored) framework to implement SMAART CUNY SPH Outcomes dashboard that facilitates collaboration, coordination, policy implementation and ongoing evaluation and enhance communication among various stakeholders including students, faculty, administrators, leadership and community at large.

June 2018 to Present

July 2016 to 2018

July 2014 to 2016

June 2018 Appointed Senior Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs

  • Organizing the Structure of Office of Academic and Student Affairs 
  • Overseeing Academic, Curriculum, Student, and Faculty Affairs
  • Established Academic, Student, Faculty and Curriculum Working Groups
  • Developing New Academic Programs
  • Developed Online MS Population Health Informatics Academic Program

  • Institutionalized Faculty Workload Policy

  • SMAART SPH Outcomes Dashboard

July 2016 Appointed Associate Dean of Student and Alumni Affairs

  • Promoted to Associate Dean of Student and Alumni Affairs.
  • Established Offices of Recruitment & Admissions, Registrar, International Student, Financial Aid, Career

  • Implemented Student Workflow Information Management System (SWIMS)

  • Established Student Activity Fee

  • Established 1st CUNY SPH Student Governance

  • Established 1st CUNY SPH Alumni Network

July 2014 Appointed Assistant Dean of Student and Alumni Affairs

  • Inaugural Assistant Dean of Student and Alumni Affairs of the CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy.
  • Established 1st CUNY SPH Office of Student and Alumni Affairs

  • Strengthen Student Support Services

  • Enhanced Student Engagement

  • Strengthen Student Support Services
  • Mentored Professional Staff