Webinar – Introduction to the field of Population Health Informatics

/Webinar – Introduction to the field of Population Health Informatics
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Topic: Population Health Informatics
By: Dr. Ashish Joshi.
Live Q & A via microphone and Webcam are welcome.
Access to webinar link starts at: Jan 12 at 10:25 am (IST) Jan 12 at 12 pm (IST)

Webinar by Ashish Joshi

Introducing the field of Population Health Informatics:

With increasing coverage of Information and Communication technology, there is a great potential that these technologies could revolutionize health service delivery for an efficient and people centered healthcare system.
Foundation of Healthcare Technologies invited Dr. Ashish Joshi, PhD, MBBS, MPH, Professor and Senior Associate Dean of Student Affairs at City University of New York to give a talk on the topic ‘ Introducing the field of Population of Health Informatics’.

A webinar was conducted on 12th Jan’19, Sat at 10:30 am IST. Around 25 public health professionals from different parts of world participated in the webinar. Dr. Joshi began the webinar by discussing about his journey from being a clinician in India to Senior Associate Dean of School of Public Health and a public health researcher in New York. He uses SMAART (Sustainable, Measurable, Affordable, Accessible, Reimbursable and Tailored) framework to leverage community data for addressing good health and wellbeing, poverty and gender equality across global settings.

Webinar by Ashish Joshi

Some of the key points discussed – What is Population Health Informatics, domains of Biomedical informatics, Community Enabled Research Innovation Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Proof of concept, how research should be used to reach to the end users, how technology enabled solutions can reduce inequality, use of technology to bring change in the behaviour of population, how public health should be viewed from not just health factors but various non-health factors which contributes to population health challenges, Global Digital Data, Increasing internet users, how social media can be used to report outbreak of an epidemic.

How important is the internet penetration to have more digital data to understand the insightful trends and bring solutions. What is Big Data, Information overload, Data, Information and Knowledge Principle of Informatics, Leveraging community data to Human centered Intervention, How technology addresses Digital Divide, Challenges of adopting Population Health Technologies.