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Why are you innovating the same old, ineffective way?

Humans love to repeat their history. Seriously—empires have risen and fallen in the same ways for ostensibly the same reasons time and time again. The historians I know are always shaking their heads. There’s almost nothing unbelievable happening today that hasn’t already happened. Why do we insist on innovating to solve problems in the same, [...]

The #1 Biggest Problem With Social Justice Solutions

The Call for Social Justice Lately, it feels like the world’s gone mad. Old, tired paradigms are taking the place of fact and logic. Problems we all thought society had solved decades ago we now know were just festering wounds, lying in wait beneath band aid solutions. It’s frustrating. Exhausting. At times, even hopeless. For [...]

It’s Here: The Ultimate Solution to Better Public Health

It’s Time to Take Action Public health is an often debated topic with few viable solutions. We spend more time talking about it and worrying about its cost than actually developing solutions. Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) are the #1 cause of death and disability worldwide. According to the World Health Organization, noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) are chronic [...]

How Instant Gratification Solutions Kill True Innovation

Everything we do is about right now. YOLO, as pop-culture and easily dismissed as it is, has become a way of life for you, me, and so many others. With the click of one or two buttons, you can have almost anything you want at your door: groceries, entertainment, repair people, and any assorted item [...]

How to Better Solve Global Health Issues with SMAART™

A New Approach to Public Health Policy Health doesn’t occur in a vacuum. Rather, it’s embedded in larger living and working conditions. Yet, we handle social and economic policy as if it wasn’t. When we create policies without considering the broader context, we fail to create sustainable solutions. It’s like treating symptoms without uncovering the [...]

4 Important Things to Really Consider in Global Health Research

Global health research is becoming increasingly more important, especially as our world becomes more globalized. According to Health Research Policy and Systems, “Only 10% of the world expenditure on health research and development is spent on health conditions that represent 90% of the global disease burden.” Also know as the 10/90 gap, this fact puts [...]

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