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A Networking Event at Mt. Sinai Medical Center, NYC

A group of global health professionals from NYC medical schools as well as public health and multi sectoral organizations who have recognized the need for providing information about careers in global health for students will meet!

The global health workers will speak with students who are looking for information about working in global health from the perspective of someone who has actually worked in the field. The morning session will consist of three panels, answering the question:

How can we strengthen the collaborations between public health professionals and clinicians to strengthen sustainable programmatic services (deliver interventions) to vulnerable populations both locally and globally?

The afternoon session will be a ‘meet and greet’ session where representatives will be seated at round tables, able to meet with a small group of students at a time, and to address students’ questions on their organization’s key programs, career paths and opportunities in their respective fields as well as their own professional journey, including key resources and steps that led to their current position. There will be people from such organizations as Doctors Without Borders, Pure Earth, ARCHIVE Global, EcoHealth Alliance, Doctors for Global Health, Global Health Corps, and more!

Please note that this is not a career/internship fair but rather an opportunity to learn about the work of different global health organizations and professionals.