Foundation of Healthcare Technologies Society

New Blessings through Technology Powered Reforms

Foundation of Healthcare Technologies Society: Founded in 2012 an innovative health research organization leveraging Sustainable Multisector Accessible Affordable Reimbursable and Tailored health technologies to bridge social, economic and cultural disparities and improving citizen centric governance. The organization started with a meager amount of $600 and has successfully sustained for 5 years and has created jobs, mentored individuals to take the path of research and successfully obtained grant proposals funded.

What we do? Translate public health research findings into practice using Innovative SMAART Health Technology solutions to improve population health.

Vision: To improve population outcomes through innovative multispectral and evidence based practices using informatics applications that can empower individuals, communities and institutions for their overall wellbeing.

Mission: To translate research into practice through use of technology based solutions that can empower individuals and the environment where they live in for the well being of themselves, their families and the communities.